Get the best Lisbon Art and Culture program for September now!

The Art and Culture guide is in all our hotel rooms.

Agenda Cultural Lisboa September 2018.pngAgenda Cultural Lisboa publish a very useful monthly magazine with enough parties, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, theater performances etc. to satisfy even the most hard-core art & culture travelers.

You find the magazine in the best bars, restaurants and cafes – and in your room, if you stay with us. Along with selected flyers, postcards and flyers.

That’s the way most events are marketed here in Lisbon.

As all we culture travelers know – we need the information before we arrive. We want to research, listen to the band, check the artists back ground, buy tickets etc.

It’s so annoying sitting with a cup of coffee in the nearest bar reading about something you really want to check out only to find out that you’re too late, the event is sold out or that you have already made other appointments.

But don’t worry – The Agenda Cultural Lisboa exists in a very good and readable e-zine version.



Thomas’ recommendations for September

The Summer Holiday is finished. The new art and culture season begins.

3 weeks ago we got a mail from a group of guests. They wanted to know what’s happening in September when they visit Lisbon.

The Agenda Cultural wasn’t published yet – so I ended up spending hours looking for interesting art and culture events.

Yesterday the September Issue of Agenda Cultural Lisboa got published… – again I had a lot of problems. But this time it was because I had problems selecting the 5 picks that I have limited my self to share. There are just too many things happening in too many super venues all over town:

  1. Lux 20 Years An exhibition that reviews the 20 years of visual and sound communication at the Lux Frágil discotheque in Lisbon will be inaugurated on September 12 at the Creative Hub of Beato, and will be open until November 11, 2018.
  2. MOTELX – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival will take place from 4 to 9 September at Cinema São Jorge.
  3. Imenente – New music mixed with new art. Everything that is happening or is about to happen. Venue: Belvedere Panorâmico de Monsanto.
  4. The European Jazz Conference Bugge Wesseltoft inspired me to create and execute New Conception of Jazz festival in Kathmandu in 2015. Don’t miss his New Conceptions of Jazz at Centro Cultural de Belém
  5. Festival Todos’ 18 Four days of theatre, dance, music, circus acts and unusual foods. This year the venue is in our hood: St Clara & Graca

See you out there,


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